Bams Medal Talk Marcy Levitt

Today as the BAMS and Delight In Light project time before field level 5 approaches comes to an end, Marcy Levitt of the BAMS medal society came to talk to our group regarding the medal project to go deeper into the important details of entering and taking part in this competition as well as the benefits.

Since joining maker Jon, Pip and Ingrid have stressed that no one stands more or less chance at being successful as an individual creative practitioner but what will is the way you sell and advertise yourself. You could be fantastic at sculpting from nature but without putting yourself out there which is a scary and sometimes intimidating thing trust me I know, but that’s how you gain the attention you deserve. Plus entering competitions and attending events is a good place to start whilst your still in a university setting.

About the competition

The BAMS medal project competition first started in 1982 with the intention of promoting artists in their chosen medium in this case being Medals which are usually made in Bronze. the competition has 10 prizes in total ranging from the best use of lettering to the best use of imagery between the two sides of the medal piece. Once all of the medals have been completed and put forward for selection the best 15 from each academic institution will be entered into the competition and each participant will receive a free medal book and journal which there medal and a brief artist statement will be published in. I am really confident that I will be able to create a high quality medal for this competition and if I don’t make it to the final 15 my medal will still be displayed at Craft In The Bay so you get recognition one way or another. These are some of the examples of the medals Marcy brought and displayed after the talk in the meeting space.














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