Made By Hand 2015

Made by hand to a creative individual is like a candy shop to a young child, bursting with imaginative products and items of ornamental value. Having firmly situated itself in the heart of Cardiff in City Hall for the past few years after a stretch in my home town of Newport the show brings together artists from all across the uk ranging from small to large-scale and metal to wood practically a something for everyone event if you find what really catches your eye.

The major principle behind my studying course of Artist Designer Maker is to be able to design create and make workable, usable and visually intriguing objects but so much more can be done and needs to be done if you want to get your name and work known and realistically a degree can train and show you but it’s up to you to make it happen and work out how to make it happen. Made By Hand is a great way to do all these things because it allows you to see the kinds of work that are produced, the media, the materials, the meaning, prices among many things. Hopefully in years to come id like to exhibit in events such as this but no one knows what the future will hold and that can be the best and worst thing dependant on how you look at it so I guess all you can do is enjoy yourself, experiment and be creative and see where you can go and this is one of the best ways to do it.


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