BAMS artist statement

My medal project aims at the message and meaning of sustainability. Begging to ask the question through imagery and texture on both sides whether sustainability is an achievable process or whether a landslide is being set in motion. Through imagery I hope to show to the viewer of my medal piece using the tree as the talking point, that sustainability is achievable in a world where technology is taking over more and more of our daily lives. And truly whether we can give back what we take away knowing that in order to do so we must destroy asking the question what future do you want to live in.

Realistically I need to really carve into the two parts of my wax mold to get the thickness down to a suitable level, Then I will add the lettering not before testing to see whether engraving or moulding will work before forming the piece together ready for the bronze casting process when a group is ready to go through the process.


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