Delight In Light artist statement

For my light project I am aiming my product at a young child audience roughly between the ages of 4 and 8. My aim is to make this product interactive and adjustable in a manner of speaking. Challenging the use of light in the lamp whilst ensuring that it is a safe product that a parent would buy for their child. The use of color is to make the product a unisex outcome keeping the market open and using objects and ideas that are without a copyright status. The piece will use a low watt bulb or led lights dependant on time frame and costing. And in addition I am looking into the possibility of adjusting the light physically.

Of the two products this outcome is proving the more problematic and does not show signs of going any other way anytime soon. I have managed to complete as much as i can possibly do for the formative assessment and will have to see how things go then to how things move.


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