Formative assessment (BAMS) AND (Delight in Light)

Today I am to present all of my current work for the Delight In Light and BAMS project. By this point I am aiming to achieve the requirements set. This means having everything up to date and as close to completion as possible under the circumstances

  • Sketchbooks
  • A3 design sheets
  • 100 word statement (Delight In Light)
  • Blog up to date as accurate as possible
  • Marquette
  • What you have so far in regards to finished pieces

I am confident that I will be able to meet the majority of the requirements by the 3rd November which will hopefully be taken into consideration when marked even though this is Formative so wont effect the grade I receive but will be a big difference in marks over all so shouldn’t be given a cold shoulder either. Overall by the end I will be extremely happy to have two or more completed and up to a high standard outcomes even if neither gets entered in to the two competitions these projects are stemmed from.


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