Feedback from formative assessment (BAMS) and (Delight In Light)

Following on from my group tutorial yesterday I received pretty positive feedback from both projects including what I had achieved so far and the validation of what must be done and soon so that the workload doesn’t become too much and gives me the best chance of entering the two pieces for the separate competitions that will be going ahead next year.


(BAMS :- Rundown) – I am producing at least one medal possibly made entirely in bronze that fits in the hand that focuses ambiguously on the idea of Sustainability and how a medal can show the two sides of this idea with a message that the viewer and the holder of the medal can feel

(So far) :- So far I have completed research on existing medals within and outside of the competition I am hoping to be entered for. As well as this I have covered work in my sketchbook from early designs to physical maquettes, casting molds, experiments and cast that are ready for the wax tree process.

(What remains) :- What remains to be done with this project is to ensure that everything remains up to date from the books to this blog the cast medal is suitable applied to the tree and the process is completed to the best possible quality

(Review) :- Overall based on the feedback from the room I feel confident that the assessment sheet will be positive with a few considerations to note that were brought up at the time and I would wager that I am between good and satisfactory on the marks scale but then again ill have to wait and see.


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