Lamp project influences

Due to the nature of the two projects I am undertaking this year time is of the essence and a big  mess up can cause serious problems in the long-term in regards to commitments to constellation and our field options. With the light project and the BAMS medal getting ideas of existing products is essential to find out many things such as

  • What products on the market give the customer benefits wise
  • What draws the eye of potential buyers to your piece rather than someone else
  • how to present a product that will sell and be presented in the best way to potential buyers

These points and so many more must be taken into consideration in regards to the delight in light project and any project for that matter and can be the difference between success and failure. For the light project I had an idea of how I would respond to the requirements of the brief but no idea how I would make a product visually to meet that information. Taking some time out I visited local retail outlets such as Asda, Tesco, Wilkinson and Argos to get ideas of what sorts of lamp and products are already out there mainly because individually you’re looking to bring something that isn’t on the market or doesn’t have much growth in the market potentially and expand on it. Made by hand brought new ideas in the form of artist company Snail Pottery

Snail Pottery




Being on the same floor as a Ceramic course and a masters in Ceramics you get a quite large ranged idea of what can be created in one or more materials and the processes to add texture colour among other things much like Artist Designer Maker only over a wider range of materials , machines and processes linking to the individual materials. What struck me was the idea that ceramics could be used as a means of augmenting light through material augmentation which I have to best knowledge not really seen done. This was really useful as it made me think how can I use this as an example to expand in my own creative process whilst making it suitable and affordable to an open market.



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