Work experience (Wild Creations)

After a lot of nervous wait with workloads getting added to consistently I have finally been able to get a placement for four weeks through November to the beginning of December at Wild Creations.

Wild Creations is a name you may recognise recently during the world cup that created the illusion of a massive Rugby ball imbedded in the side of the castle wall in central Cardiff.

About Wild Creations

Wild Creations is a prop making company situated in the Cardiff business centre of Glamorgan on the outskirts of Cardiff the large majority of their work is built on a large-scale like the rugby ball but they take on projects of a wide range of sizes and call upon extra help when relevant to the project in hand whether this be for exhibition to theatre or television use.  As well as working in a range of sizes Creations also works in a variety of materials so effectively I have found a company in an area that I am interested strongly in working in that is the professional equivalent of what my course of Artist Designer Maker is all about training you to become professionally.

What to expect

Overall I have no idea what to expect or what I will end up doing over the course of the four-week placement but I hope by the end to have a better understanding of what it is like to work in this particular industry as well as the ups and downs and things you need to take into consideration when working in this industry. Basically I can’t wait and hope I can do it justice.


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