Lamp influence (Helico) Houda Kaddouh

Prior to starting second year Pip the head of second year recommended visiting upcoming events locally and in London to gain ideas for what we would make in regards to products for the second year briefs as well as to think about

  • What is already on the market in relations to a particular purpose or a material
  • How these works are presented and priced in accordance to the maker
  • Where the gaps in the market are that your ideas can fit into
  • What sells and how these products are beneficial for their purpose
  • Seeing what its like to be a selling and advertising your work as a maker past graduating
  • Gaining an insight of where and who your target market could be

As well as these key points and many more Tent London was really useful and I took loads of pictures and artists leaflets to pin on my blog as well as my sketchbooks to use as a template when beginning second year. Ironically not knowing that one of my live brief options for second year was to design advertise and make a functioning light I was able to come across and speak to a Manchester Product Design Graduate by the name of Houda Kaddouh and her light pieces entitled Helico.

helico picture one helico picture 2 helico picture three

The simplicity of the designs yet the attention to detail is quite admirable. taking away as an influence this example I will try to make the shape and material process of my lamp as simple as possible but also to the best quality and maybe introduce a way of making the lamp adjustable in the sense of adding patterns or designs to the buyer’s discretion. This kind of way of thinking is what I hope will come across throughout the lamp brief process from the initial designs to the final completed piece.

Houda Kaddouh work and contact details can be found at :-


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