Working on the raptor

Due to a limited to no amount of work coming in it was a stretch to get involved without taking over what a member of the team is payesd to do. Buddied up with Sam I was helping clean and quality control a velociraptor cast that the end goal was for it to be hanged on the corridor of the building so when visitors and possible future contacts arrive they are met with a high quality outcome that shows the potential and skills of not just the individual members of the team but the Company as a whole. I really enjoyed helping out Sam with this task and learning how this cast was made which is very similar in the sense of what I would do with an outcome in Maker. Basically to my understanding a polysterine block is cut and manipulated to the desired shape and look, for the raptor from tail to head this took three days, next clay is moulded on top and a hollow mould is mad. This will be of great benefit to me in regards to building knowledge and understanding of how propmakers work in practice as well as the time scale and costs for materials that are used in the process. On a downer I wish I did ask what marterials exactly were used to make the shell and tips for painting and such but at the time things were hectic and you gain more confidence to speak up the more you put yourself forward so its worth remembering and preparing for next time.



To clean the eye I used a series of sanding papers and the different roughnesses of the surfaces had different effects on the quality of the cast coming out. Overall as you can see I was successful in cleaning the eye but the paint on the eyelid was damaged and the layer shell could be seen but in the long term this would not be much if at all a problem. From this I will build on my sculpting and 3D skills and possibly have a piece based on the raptor or the Mosasaurus in the final year exhibition if I am aloud to.


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