Lamp Project Feedback

formative feedback

As with every project individually we receive a feedback form like the one shown that highlights in regards to the current status of our work from the sketchbooks to research where we are and if this was the final marking which it isn’t this is only formative with the final one being summative which means the grade overall what I would get. Based on this feedback it seems overall that the BAMS medal project has got an overall satisfactory borderline good mark. Technical speaking this means


Overall 2.2 viewing (Satisfactory) at the moment possible moving into 2.1 viewing (Good)

Satisfactory mark is between 57-59%

Good mark is 60-63%

Considering what has gone on so far I am happy to get this level at the time and from the advice i will move to break more into the 2.1 criteria and who knows where it could go from there. Both projects got a thorough breakdown by Zoe to ensure that the mark is fair and gives you the best idea of how you can improve. From the feedback I broke it down to three categories to help me better process the advice given this being


What Zoe understood the project to be about?

What she feels the project is lacking and needs more of to reach my own best intentions.

Questions or things I need to think about when responding to the brief and the message or purpose of the outcome.


Point 1

The lamp is intended for a young audience between the ages 0f 4 – 8, the use of existing influences is very good and keeping the object unisex so that it is suitable for both sexes on the market is another strong start also continuing to challenge the idea of light as a source is a necessity. Plus beginning to think about the health and safety aspects of the piece due to the nature of the age of the audience is another key factor that must be thought about.

Point 2

The project is not as advanced as the BAMS Medal and remains at the proposition stage and I must consistently refer to the brief to meet the criteria and should I be eligible and decide to put this project forward I must have two A3 design sheets a 100 word statement and a physical marquette.

Point 3

There werent really questions that were set to think about due to the piece being in an earlier stage of development so further tutorials are advised to ensure that any problems or concerns are highlighted early to avoid disappointment later on.

There is certainly a lot to think about but I am confident I will be able to create a brilliant outcome that will answer the questions and concerns highlighted and I won’t hesitate to ask about things I don’t understand or can’t work out why they have been said.






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