The Mosasaurus how it was made

Fans of the latest blockbuster installment of the Jurassic Park series will remember this familiar individual from the Jurassic World movie. The Mosasaurus

the mosausaurus .jpg 1

Wild Creations was set the task of bringing this prehistoric beast to life for the premiere of the film and was situated on the banks of London for a day before being taken down.mosasaurus 3

Technically speaking this project was started and finished months before my placement so realistically I had no idea what went on behind the scenes but hopefully throughout the weeks of my placement I will be able to find out more. To start with a 3D rendered design was sent digitally to the company and was to be made around 6 foot tall. The two jaws of the mouth were made to my understanding by sculpting polystyrene then applying clay over the top to create the detail and roughness of the skin and then a mould was taken that would be made in more solid materials that would be more resilient to damage. the entire cast is made from separate moulds and formed together with a metal chassis hidden within the piece out of sight of the eye. The eyes I originally fought were sculpted but were bought specially but nevertheless don’t take away from the quality of the work. And the finalised look is achieved skin wise by applying layers of spray paint and hand stroked details by hand. The piece is intended in the near future to be shipped to Universal Studios where it will become its permanent residence.





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