Velociraptor pack Jurrasic World how they were made

At the time of the Mosasaurus Commission the raptor pack

  • Charlie
  • Delta
  • Echo
  • Blue

velociraptor pack

were also made by permanent Wil Sculptor Samantha Williams. Unlike the other commission all four of the raptors didn’t have a metal chassis and were sculpted as accurately as possible to the digital effects used in Jurassic World. To my understanding the shape was formed and carved in polystyrene with clay being molded on top. Next once the sculpt is complete a cast is made of the entire sculpt from head to tail to foot on both sides with individual parts in fibreglass and other moulding materials. From this a solution is poured that creates the shape and sturdiness of the piece which layers of spray and paint are applied to to create the look you see and air vacuuming is the process that ensures the piece stays together and is solid when completed. Due to each raptor having different structural details and expressions facially and muscle wise on the final models four individual casts were made by the time my placement started all except Blue had been moved to another warehouse assumingly to be sent to universal studios as their final resting place.

As you can see the raptors also made a short outing to London publicising the release of Jurassic World.

raptor rampage


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