The plan

Realistically at this moment in time with two weeks till the end of term, there are three projects that are my top priorities

  • BAMS
  • Lamp Project
  • Work Experience

For Bams I have created both sides of the medal but due to some feedback that i cannot interpret the process has been delayed but I am in the process of redoing one side that didn’t come out so well. And due to setbacks in foundry the bronzing process may not happen till next year so entering the competition this time around is unlikely unfortunately.

For the Lamp project I am discussing with HUW who has done the most tutorials aimed at this project I will explain the maquettes created and get feedback before creating the first prototype and then move on to creating the additional parts of the portfolio and whether this will stop further than entering the competition.

For Work Experience I am trying to put into practice what I have learnt from my placement and working with Martyn that will be presented in my presentation and possibly displayed in my final year exhibition for marking and viewing by invited quests



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