Work experience evaluation

Overall despite a few problems along the way, which in my opinion has made the experience more real in the sense of the working world, and more real of what you have to do to be successful and be the best at what you do my placement was quite a complex one. I found the process easy to adapt to which I wasn’t expecting to happen due to my nerves and anxiety but I managed to get involved and help out where I was legally health and safety wise able to work. I have learnt many things from many different angles on placement such as the best way to advertise yourself as an Artist, designer and maker.

Getting involved on projects currently in transition in the workshops at the time was a really fun experience, and even though I was mainly doing the quality control aspects such as polyfilling, sanding, spray painting and making sure everything is to the satisfaction of the member I am assigned to at the time. I particularly enjoyed integrating with new people and sharing a laugh and knowledge at the same time with them plus injuring yourself on the second day really made me stand out and be remembered whatever the case whether that is good or bad I will have to see. If I was to redo this module again whether im in university or outside of it I would try and work on being more vocal which is something I have always struggled with and refine my craft and try to build up a portfolio so I can help out more and get more out of the experience than I thought I would, but in context I understand that having no knowledge or experience in this industry hence why I chose this type of company for my placement, means that companies and yourself don’t really know what you’re capable off, so gaining more experience would be the best way to move forward and be able to get involved more in what is going on but never the less has moved me in the right direction.


Realistically apart from not being able to get involved as much due to certain tasks being of limits for health and safety reasons, my only negatives are that at some points I was asked to do something by a technician and then they end up doing it and im standing their like a diff looking for things to do, But in fairness to this the makers didn’t have much work going on so they had to get involved just as much to keep themselves occupied. Nerveless the negatives didn’t really ruin the experience and despite what has been said I wish I would have been able to do more than one placement but you have to go with who responds and only one did. I have been invited back in the future when more work is brought in so I look forward to when that comes and seeing where that takes me.


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