The Candelebras

Along with Sam I was assigned to quality control over the metal candelabra and the fake wax candles that would be placed on top of the candelabra commissioned to appear in the background of an events party. In particular with this task I saw a much moreds on process as the structure was made by freelance welders in particular Gary who has worked and know Matt the father of Wild Creations since the company first set up around 5-6 years ago. Once the piece was sprayed gold I was tasked with sanding of any lumps that may have formed in the process and realistically finish the candles.



In regards to the candles I was intrigued by the finished result, mainly because of the process that went behind it. Having known that in the props industry sometimes props are hired or bought and manipulated as a starting point, this really interested me in the sense of using cheap but high quality materials and making the object from scratch which is something that has come in handy budget wise and time wise on maker. And to create the wax melted effect was a combination of a formula known as bubble mix and resin that create a sort of yeast/bread like quality. My only wish was that I could have been more involved but realistically i understand with the circumstances why this was. Hopefully in the future I will learn how to weld and be able to get involved more in processes that due to health and safety reasons I am unable to do.


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