Idea for the lamp

Looking through existing lamps through different categories such as

  • Male/Female/Unisex/Adult/Teenager/Child
  • Sports/Arty/Subject based/Interactive/Adjustable/
  • Size/shape/influence/cost/material/purpose

These were just a few of the starting points. At first I felt that I couldn’t straight away think right this is the influence, these are the materials and bob’s your uncle this is the completed piece. But early on i thought of making something to the arts for the obvious reasons of being an student studying in the arts area. But i decided university is all about risk just like most things these days and went for a young child audience between the age of 4 – 8 with an arty theme that is suitable and safe for a child to use and would be a light but more than just a light source in order to meet the needs laid out in the brief that is aimed for a low priced market. All that remains is to seek advice on the designs and maquettes and possibly design the ideas on rhino a 3d printing software to have a digital rendition available ready for showing at the end of year with the possibility of actually printing the 3d printed object if it is deemed necessary


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