Term 2 begins Second Year

Coming back to term two there isn’t really much that needs to be done, the books are reasonably up to date apart from a few tweaks, blog is relatively up to date, medal needs to be put on wax tree and liquified, but no one else is at this stage yet so not really behind that much.

The lamp has developed more and marquette’s have been made but i am struggling and will need more advice to keep me going in the right direction, field work experience feedback isn’t back yet and probably for good reason, however i have found a few new placement opportunities to meet the requirements of the subject leader needs for marking so fingers crossed. Faking it hasn’t been set a start date so hopefully that will be up soon and based on what i have seen from the second years last year looks like an exciting project. The essay was really positive and looked at a 2.1 a higher second result and my two maker projects are a 2.2 level which may end in a 2.1 overall at the end of the year just have to keep up the good work. Hopefully a lot of exciting things to come.


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