Wax Tree

With a Deadline of three weeks as of Tomorrow for the end of the first week of february for the medal things are heating up, Currently I am halfway through the parts needed for the medal and the tree and my aim is to have them done by wednesday of this week and have the first layers of the liquid on them, however i have used to much wax and the worry is that if i can’t get all the structure of the tree and the layers of liquid on ive failed the year which im sure I haven’t but is a concern to bear in mind nevertheless. Also due to workshops being used inconsistently access isn’t always possible so all hands on deck seems a suitable approach  to have. I do want to stand a chance of being entered but failing that I understand that it’s a lot of pressure and having experienced that a lot in first year i feel more prepared and realistically I fear im making more work in my head than their is to actually do. Time will tell on that I suppose.


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