Work Experience Feedback

In comparison to the other fellow student that were in my group I dont know what the average feedback was but despite the unforeseen and rather annoying circumstances the feedback was overall satisfactory mark wise which is a 2:2 mark for context and ideas and a 2:1 for ideas which I was surprised about considering how negative the process made me feel in comparison to others and their field projects.

With more flexibility  for this academic year and the holidays in between I want to get out there more and see what I can offer as a youngish artist on the market and what better way to do that than help out and get involved with other artists and pick up some tips along the way whilst the financial benefits are in my favour.

Overall the feedback has made my future endeavours more focused and I now have to aim to keep up the quality and amount of work which so far I have achieved given a few setbacks that couldn’t be helped along the way


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