Faking IT AGE Cymru/Sharing ideas

Age Cymru is a Cardiff based charity organisation that aims to get those who are unable to get out and about so much for whatever reasons and circumstances these may be.

The Faking it Project I believe is entering its third or fourth year as a project within Cardiff Metropolitan and in collaboration with AGE Cymru we’ve been asked to produce a set along with scenic backgrounds and props when relevant or needed based upon the chosen book picked by our team. And our chosen book was James And The Giant Peach all in aid of marking what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday.

With the full number of fellow students in the group not being present from the beginning I buddied up with Will from product Design. Early on before our team meeting with the Committee we decided that from the book the cover page was the idea the peach and the empire state being two important parts of the book and the movie.

Speaking to the committee me and Will shared our ideas, The idea of interaction if possible was taken positively and the idea of the peach and the empire state building went the same, Really the feedback said work on the idea but dont hold onto the image you’re thinking of too tight or you’ll be in trouble and with the visit to the Marriott the following Thursday picking the best spot would be a fight or should I say pitching battle with the even other teams. How that will work out is yet to be seen


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