Essay Dissertation

So now the moment has come to decide what our written dissertation of third year before graduation will be about, plus whic dissertation lecturer we will be assigned to based upon what we want to talk about individually and their expertise.

For my essay I am interested in the area of technology and making, in the sense of how technology has changed the perception of art and makes things that seem impossible to make physically easy to do digitally. This was a major reason that artist designer maker appealed to me when choosing courses because of the broad range of materials. And with this quite broad background from my course would open opportunities.

So martyn my chosen lecturer for first and second year is the best lecturer to help me in this area which im really pleased about, and let’s face it he has put up with me for two years so a bit longer shouldn’t hurt to much.  However I will not know for definate who I am assigned to till February 8th


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