Second week Breakdown

Much like last week finding the balance of juggling all the projects is not easy and things aren’t exactly running as smoothly as hoped here’s the low down :-

  • Bams – the silicone moulds are finishing off and the wax casts will be put together hopefully by the end of this week – the wax tree hopefully will be in the same boat as it were. im aiming to start the dipping process next week and be done by next week as well – as for burning out the wax and the bronzing process im guessing will be the week after that, meaning over the deadline for BAMS which is a shame but couldn’t be avoided circumstance wise – but the medal will be on display in craft in the bay in march so it’ll still be shown in an exhibition like way.
  • Lamp – Maquettes have been made in several materials – I need to speak to pip to ensure the details of the lamp before posting online – material experiments are going well and both project sketchbooks are being kept relatively up to date – The aim is to have the lamp nearing completion by the end of february giving enough time to focus on everything else that will affect the outcome quality wise.
  • Constellation/Essay – I’ve spoken to my tutor about my ideas and all previous essays and based on what i am hoping to look into I will be sticking with Martyn as my constellation essay advisor, however this will not be confirmed until the 8th February.
  • Faking It – Initial ideas have been discussed with the other members of my team, given the circumstances we are trying to do as much as we can experimentally so constructive feedback will give us the best overall hope of a good quality outcome.
  • Work Experience – Despite circumstances the feedback was quite good and I hope to undertake further placements and build up a portfolio of work to present in the end of year show as well as some possible 3d outcomes.



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