Delight in Light Online

Now that BAMS is out of the way I took the time out to relook at the Delight in Light website in particular the imagery that previous and current students have entered to see what is out there already. Looking at the existing outcomes im thinking oh bugger I dont know what im doing not just in general overall really. In comparison I feel that my idea may not have as much effect because this project in terms of the maker scheme is more product design and i dont think i fall into the category of the level that those that have entered show. One thing I love though is the difference in material, shape and so on throughout the entries that date back to 2013 looking through I picked out a few that for my areas of interest stood out and those that maybe aren’t in my areas of interest but make me want to broaden my horizons on what you can do with materials and such that can help me with my own entry.

These are the entries by year that stood out for me and I will highlight why I like them and how they have influenced me in my outcome.


  • Amy Whittle – QB
  • Kie Ying Miao – Ripple
  • Louise Cooper – Reveal
  • Rebecca Penning – Willow
  • Luis Zayas – Wave
  • Aleva Havlickova – Slo Glo


  • Christopher Spear – Fireflies
  • Jade Crampton – Ice bubble
  • Becky Creed – Turned paper lighting
  • Kate Caven – Fortryllet


  • Hannah Elizabeth Smith – Almere Gele Wol
  • Lawrence Stratton – The Charge
  • Stephen Mounser – Vitro lamp
  • Owen Wright – The Core





Tutorial with pip

This is the first of a weekly tutorial race, as we are now approaching the final months of second year and the realities and implications of third year become more present these 20 or so minute sessions will help focus what will be in the end of year presentation and what will be in the end of year exhibition.

My tutorial with Pip mainly discussed my plans for projects and the future going into third year and beyond. I discussed the process of the BAMS medal and the hope that there will be a good quality piece in the exhibition in Craft in the Bay. Pip was pleased with the progress in this area, but was concerned about the progress with the lamp project. At the group discussion for our projects last year I like most of my fellow makers was underdeveloped on the project and had put more concentration on the medal cos of the tighter deadline and the amount of things that had to be done by that point. By the next tutorial i need to bring all existing research and sketches of the proposed lamp and any marquette’s that have been done. This is the stage where it is decided whether it will be entered to the competition or remain within the marking system of the university and Maker. I also mentioned to Pip that I had chosen to undertake the Make your Mark brief, and i had started to look into areas that I had interest in prior to graduation but naturally due to the fact that the project had recently been presented to us I have focused on what I have been doing on other projects first.

Pip as an endnote did warn of the possibility at this stage of one project having to become a priority over another. My aim is to have a functioning light regardless, well I have to anyway that has the potential for the competition and a outcome that supports the career path I wish to take





New project (Make your Mark)Artist Portfolio

New project (Referencing Traditions of objects)

Medal BAMS update

As of next week I may only need to do another layer of molochite and by Tuesday I should have two bronzed trees done for a pour on Friday which will give me three choices of medal one of which will hopefully feature in Craft in the Bay in March. My only concern is whether there is enough layers on the mould as if I remember rightly including a pour monday there will be seven.

Four of which are single and three of which are double consistency liquid wise. I’m excited that im finally at this stage but being later to the game has helped me see some of the potential problems that can come with working in the media of Bronze. Such as

  • When wax cools it shrinks to extent so the lettering may be inconsistent but at mould stage this happened anyone it shouldn’t be a bother to me at all.
  • The weight of the wax on tree can make the medal snap it and is a pain to get back together which has happened on a few friends trees
  • And there is no guarantee of the quality of the outcome so regardless whichever of the three comes out best will be the one that moves forward to Craft in the Bay

I’m not really sure what happens after this point but from what I can gather its mainly sanding,grinding and touching up the qualities of the piece. I’m looking forward to seeing the bronze Medal but sad to see the wax casts go.

Feedback from Faking IT

faking it feedbck 1

I am really happy with the feedback from Bethan regarding the Faking IT project, makes you want to do it again he says trying not to laugh like a maniac. It was really surprising to me that the project was solely in the good as I think everyone in the group would honestly say they have no idea how it would have worked out. I’ve really enjoyed working in the group and I hope the feeling is mutual, The feedback sheet despite highlighting areas was really positive and in fact the Charity group AGE CYMRU were requesting additional details in preparation for the event in March.

faking it part 2 of 2

The areas that myself and Adele must address now as the entire Product Design group will be away for several weeks as of Monday, and the other two members of the group Will and Shannen are both Product Design it means its all on us to do our best but really we shouldn’t be worried. Roughly we have to

  • Manipulate the lighting on the piece as it was seen as not strong enough to the rest of the piece
  • The lighting behind the back piece needs o be adjusted as this will be irritant to the eye line when sitting down at the event
  • The characters don’t work in black so colour like they appear in the film would be more suitable
  • More Experimentation work is needed in sketchbooks for what we all individually did
  • The size of the piece maybe a concern on the night and a stork would need to be added to the top of the peach and made more solid as a shape
  • And more work in general but it is a high quality and has achieved the requirements Well done all.

Faking IT Meeting

Today the Faking It group received a message from Bethan the head leader for the Faking It project regarding the setup that will be occurring next month at the venue. The charity AGE CYMRU has requested that if possible sketch books can be presented at the event and that a few alterations have been made to the layout of the event that we will be informed of next week on Monday, Also the possibility of auctioning work has been mentioned which would be great to occur if it will help charity’s so we will just have to wait and see. At the moment I am redoing the character moulds to get a better quality of look ready for hopefully the beginning of next week or finished by the end of next week giving plenty of time and focus should something else affect plans or come up.