Plinth Making workshop

Today I signed up for a plinth making workshop with Nigel the technician for the wood department area at Cardiff Met. Making plinths may not be the most exciting process in the arts world but it’s a jungle out there and anyway you can get yourself out there and build a name for yourself is worth a shot.

The process of making a plinth is heavily reliant on cutting and measuring accurately as well as quality control along the way, plus if you get all this right you will have a plinth that will last and last and last, Nigel said that plinths he made 15 years ago are still in good quality today although repainting and sanding may have to be done. Plus artists are always in the need for plinths and individually people can pay between 70 – 90 pound for one or arrange a bulk deal . I Found the workshop really interesting and a potential area to start of in before or after I graduate as if you want to reach the top you have to start at the bottom and this is a good place to start if you can find the right people and get regular interest. As my course has a consistent use for plinths during open days and exhibitions this can come in handy.

Plus its a perfect way to work on quality control with the machinery available, which is something I do struggle with not just with the material of wood so fingers crossed these kind of ventures can help with that.


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