Faking It Field review

Despite a bit of a unbalanced start i really enjoyed the faking it project. It was a great opportunity to mix with fellow students from different courses art related in the university, which was of great value to be able to bring different experiences and understanding of materials and techniques from different disciplines. I really enjoyed taking part in the research, development and creation of the final piece, but i do feel that i didn’t do as much as everyone else, which might be brought up in feedback but I was involved in the model templates and digital aspects of the project and did the characters so my involvement is just as much but in different departments so to speak.

This project was extremely valuable experience of working in industry which with the work experience placement really bonded well with each other, admittedly i tried to get involved and give a balanced view of everyone’s ideas but if someone is more knowledgable than yourself your not really going to argue with them really, but i found we got on really well and despite having to alter things along the way the process was really enjoyable and we should be really happy with what we have done, plus this is a great start for portfolio work as a lot of our group in general is interested in working in this sector of the arts.

From this project I can take away from this the fact that I have improved on my communication and teamworking skills and managed to work on my hand building skills as well as digital skills which is something that I haven’t really been able to do on my own projects on Maker but I intend to incorporate as much as I can before graduation. Also being able to talk and be taught by individuals that specialize in specific areas of the industry and gain advice on how to approach those already working in the industry for experience and how you can start of and work your way up the industry ladder so to speak was really valuable. Also having done a placement in a props company being able to see what the industry is like not just as a job but on you day to day lifestyle was really different to what I was expecting, not that I would complain about it but I would say that experience like that makes you decide what your specialist pathways can be because although you want to find a job or series of jobs that pay the bills and dont feel like work because its what you enjoy doing you still have to be open to different areas of the market as in the arts industry you need to have both the yin and yang or you wont get really far.

From this point I hope to work on my skills and contact more companies looking for experience and see where it takes me and where I want to go.



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