Delight in Light Online

Now that BAMS is out of the way I took the time out to relook at the Delight in Light website in particular the imagery that previous and current students have entered to see what is out there already. Looking at the existing outcomes im thinking oh bugger I dont know what im doing not just in general overall really. In comparison I feel that my idea may not have as much effect because this project in terms of the maker scheme is more product design and i dont think i fall into the category of the level that those that have entered show. One thing I love though is the difference in material, shape and so on throughout the entries that date back to 2013 looking through I picked out a few that for my areas of interest stood out and those that maybe aren’t in my areas of interest but make me want to broaden my horizons on what you can do with materials and such that can help me with my own entry.

These are the entries by year that stood out for me and I will highlight why I like them and how they have influenced me in my outcome.


  • Amy Whittle – QB
  • Kie Ying Miao – Ripple
  • Louise Cooper – Reveal
  • Rebecca Penning – Willow
  • Luis Zayas – Wave
  • Aleva Havlickova – Slo Glo


  • Christopher Spear – Fireflies
  • Jade Crampton – Ice bubble
  • Becky Creed – Turned paper lighting
  • Kate Caven – Fortryllet


  • Hannah Elizabeth Smith – Almere Gele Wol
  • Lawrence Stratton – The Charge
  • Stephen Mounser – Vitro lamp
  • Owen Wright – The Core





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