Tutorial with pip

This is the first of a weekly tutorial race, as we are now approaching the final months of second year and the realities and implications of third year become more present these 20 or so minute sessions will help focus what will be in the end of year presentation and what will be in the end of year exhibition.

My tutorial with Pip mainly discussed my plans for projects and the future going into third year and beyond. I discussed the process of the BAMS medal and the hope that there will be a good quality piece in the exhibition in Craft in the Bay. Pip was pleased with the progress in this area, but was concerned about the progress with the lamp project. At the group discussion for our projects last year I like most of my fellow makers was underdeveloped on the project and had put more concentration on the medal cos of the tighter deadline and the amount of things that had to be done by that point. By the next tutorial i need to bring all existing research and sketches of the proposed lamp and any marquette’s that have been done. This is the stage where it is decided whether it will be entered to the competition or remain within the marking system of the university and Maker. I also mentioned to Pip that I had chosen to undertake the Make your Mark brief, and i had started to look into areas that I had interest in prior to graduation but naturally due to the fact that the project had recently been presented to us I have focused on what I have been doing on other projects first.

Pip as an endnote did warn of the possibility at this stage of one project having to become a priority over another. My aim is to have a functioning light regardless, well I have to anyway that has the potential for the competition and a outcome that supports the career path I wish to take






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