Fimo Characters

With the exhibition finished at the Marriott I am pleased to have finally finished the work relating to the project. The fact that they remained in tact hopefully through the night has been a big relief to me, I admit that I really would need a lot longer to get a amazing look for them but time is never your friend and a general view of them was positive and hopefully those that attended the event felt the same. I hope to be able to work on my sculpting and modelling skills after the end of this academic year and build up a website showing the skills i have developed and I am still developing ready for graduation and competition on the market game on basically.

I’m not really sure what i want to do in the future, I have ideas of what id like to do but its a case of finding the best ways to do these things that is the long term problem but who knows what the future will bring just as long as i work hard for it that’s all I can do. I do want to work in the props market in the future and i hope that this is a good start as well as experience in actual companies to get yourself on the early steps of the career ladder. but im really enjoying what im doing and any possible opportunities that can come from it


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