Make your Mark progress

Focusing on this project im not really sure where to begin so looking over the brief will hopefully focus me in the key areas needed. As a Maker making objects that fit a overall purpose but have a aesthetic that makes you want to buy them for visual display purposes is an end goal. Thing such as bowls and drinking vessels are a good place to start at this stage. To focus more im trying to research into existing artists and techniques I have come across to get ideas of things to make and what you can do with materials and visiting artists if possible. As you can imagine its a balance between what do i enjoy making and what would the market your selling to want as a product. The idea that if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life is a strain in this respect but its not easy for anyone to see what works in the market until they have found their feet which is down to advertising and putting yourself out there and seeing what comes in return.

At this stage my aim is to show a broad range of ideas related to areas of interest to me and what I can achieve with the materials and resources available to me.  Naturally this is going to be a lengthy and difficult process but have to be persistent at this stage.


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