Dissertation Ideas

For the past few days ive been reading through some books that I found through Summon and recommended by Martyn my constellation and dissertation tutor. At the moment find a question for the dissertation topic is difficult as the question practically is the entire essay condensed into one long question which isn’t exactly what I was hoping to happen as this makes me worry about writing the essay.

The basis of my essay was to examine the Material of Glass in the context of the theories of Juhanni Pallasmaa and Tim Ingold and a few others from outside of the constellation lectures. With the theories of these practitioners being on the physical hand making processes it would be a good idea to challenge them on the basis of how technology can prove and disprove their theories as well as show why technology can make and break us through the use of glass and evidence of experimental practice to link to the object that is half of the focus of the dissertation that is equally judged with the dissertation towards my final grade at the end of third year in Maker.I look forward to starting this process and although im coming to the end of my time on Maker im looking forward to the future possibilities that await.



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