Touch Trust

Touch Trust is a charity centred in the heart of Cardiff Bay that helps and supports the families and the individuals that suffer with learning disabilities and other such conditions that make it difficult to interact with others, but thanks to Touch Trust this is no longer the case.

The Trust gets individuals involved through meditation and interaction with musical instruments and helps them to interact in such ways in relation to a play and with it being the 100th celebrations of Roald Dahl James and the Giant Peach set from Faking It was used in the set up space. Touch Trust runs three performance events every year throughout the year which brings together those that suffer the most with disabilities and cannot get involved with activities that myself for example can do on a daily basis and helps them feel loved and involved as sadly society in general doesn’t take kindly to those that are significantly physically and mentally different but the charity is working and is proving to change that way of thinking. I really loved the performance and it was well worth the weeks it took to make the set for the marriott and transport down to the bay for this event. I hope to visit the charity and help out with their events in the future which will help me with confidence about the quality of my work and the public viewing it.



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