Dissertation planning progress

Having spoken to Martyn before the end of term 2 on Maker I discussed with him the ideas in relation to Dissertation, like the two previous essays I feel that to really focus myself on the dissertation and get the best results marks wise at the end introducing a heavy element of practical experimentation which on Maker is encouraged as much as is possible,And this is something that will reflect in the dissertation itself hopefully. The question in my head that seems to be coming through is

  • How glass is transparent material and difficult to manipulate and why their is a reliance on the technological side over the making side

Admittedly this is quite a lot of things rolled into one sentence but I wish to answer why this is a material you cannot really adapt to technology and is more reliant on the making process, Based on the building knowledge of materials and techniques I have learnt and am still learning on Maker, Glass is a material that in regards to technology is saying good luck with that mate see how you get on. Whereas with 3D printing you can create practically any form of pattern or design providing size can be a limitation on a computer to your requirements but realistically technology has control in the end and can decide whether things will go right or wrong.

I have began researching some theorists from within the practice of study for Constellation with Martyn and from outside as well as recommendations from other sources. Also I have looked at articles and other medias that I can link in as well as existing dissertations however from the advice of friends who have been through the degree dissertation path and are now in further education or a job moving into a artistic career path dissertations are good but are tailored more for the one who published it but can help you see the visual layout of a professional document.

Hopefully even by the looks of it not everything will be on the hand in i can validate why this is and add to things as i go along ready for writing up coming may june time and over the summer holidays



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