The Medal statement

The medal shows imagery of a hand and the sprout of a tree and no the other side a tree fully grown with the lettering YOUR FUTURE YOUR CHOICE around the outside. the medal focuses on the idea of sustainability and the human mind in the sense of are we planting the seed for our future to grow or will we destroy it.



Setting up second year

Second Year setup has arrived and half of my outcomes have been set up ready for tomorrow. I feel more confident with what I have achieved and my abilities this year and hope this will reflect in the exhibition in my tutors and my marks. I wouldn’t want to guess what my overall grade will be but I know it’ll be better than last year so whatever happens I will do my best and show my best and accept any last minute problems that happen and take note from the feedback given. The Medal project I hope has been turned around and the context may not be fully understood but the skills and ideas will hopefully give me a good balance grade wise. My lamp unfortunately has had a setback with a the top piece snapped and as a result and the material being perspex this has adjusted the shape of the piece and has made it difficult to use but this wasn’t something I expected to happen as the test piece did not snap when pressured to the necessary angle of 72 degrees. Overall in my presentation tomorrow I will explain why certain pieces have not come out as planned and validate and stand up for what has happened and how I would turn this around next year. I will just have to wait till tomorrow to find out and see what the results tell and give me

Make Your Mark woes

Going in on the weekend to take my pieces out of the kiln and place them over the top of the backwashed slumps taken from a bowl I discovered a rather unexpected result.


For reasons I dont entirely know large bubbles have formed in both the pieces that have in a sense to me spoilt the work that went into cutting and fritting the pieces which im not going to lie upset me. Speaking to Martin he stated that it’s not something to my understanding that I have done wrong myself just one of those things that he himself knew can happen but wasn’t expecting it to happen with my pieces. Nevertheless everyone who has seen the pieces really liked the way they looked despite this and the fact the bubbles were not an intended result. So for exhibition im going to have two bowls, both seen in the pics but will have absoluetly no idea what they will look like or even what the finished result will be and  I wont be able to get the results of this till tuesday the day before deadline. Despite this im not dissapointed but worried what the look of the piece will be in exhibit and how everyone will perceive them but time will tell im just happy to have all of my pieces moving forward and to my understanding based on events everything in the sense of outcome content will be featured in the exhibition. Either way i look forward to what is to come.


Delight in Light Statement (Rewritten)

My light (Creative Spark) is a transportable and movable bedside lamp for all children between the ages of 4-8,the piece is intended to be used as a light as well as a holder for pencils,felts and other materials on the go and when at home, having materials attached is a unique selling point and being usable when portable is another. This piece sets apart from the rest as it reinvents a classic artist object and makes it appealing and interesting to a young child. As well as this it has many functions and as a selling price I would put this as between 25 to 35 pound.

Delight In Light Statement (draft)*

My entry for the Delight In Light project titled (Creative Spark) is intended for an audience of children of both sexes between the ages of 4-8 the concept of the piece is to be a bedside table lamp that acts as a lamp but also a storage unit and portable material carrier of pencils,felts and other equipment. My intention is to make this piece suitable to have as a bedside lamp and also a portable material piece for journeys in a car which is a unique selling point and no other product I have found in my research has materials attached to the side and detachable slots making another unique selling point. This piece is set apart from the rest being something that takes a Classic object that all artists in some shape and form use and reinvents it in my own way looking decorative, colourful, fitting a purpose and a visually interesting piece to look at. The entire piece is made of Acrylic Perspex which sustains heat but on a lower wattage than originally intended and is charged by a battery. This piece works as a slightly dimmer version of a standard light due to heat reduction and the audience the piece is intended for. At a cost market i would put this piece on market between the price of 30 to 35 pound.

Defining Practice 500 words review

My two options for my field projects this year have affected my studies by making me more aware of the working world outside of the bubble of university and how the skills, processes and techniques I have learnt on Maker and the individual technicians with a bit of adjustment can be used in different surroundings, Work experience helped me see what it was like as a starting point in a prop making company and what they do on a daily basis and Faking It showed me what it would be like to work on a project with a live brief proposal attached and an outcome that will presented to the client, something that has helped me imagine and finetune when presenting an outcome to individuals who take interest in my work or commission me to produce a piece. My experience of these two projects can help me develop more control over the timescale of each aspect of undertaking a project which is something that I need to continue to improve upon as I progress, also my attention to detail will feed into my subject area to give me the best quality look of pieces not just for the outcomes I submit for exhibition but the outcomes I make as a propmaker as a freelance individual. Throughout the two experiences I have learnt many skills and have improved on working as a member of a team, the attention to detail and look of the pieces and how is best or what is best to use to get this look, as well as planning and the process that leads to setting up in exhibition or on location. For me the stand out experiences were the realness of the situation in the sense for Work Experience of what it is like to be inside a company that specialises in an area of making and what I would be able to contribute to this area as I grow older and develop these skills necessary plus what I need to do to achieve this given my interest in working as a freelance individual after graduation.For Faking IT the standout experiences of the project much like Work Experience was the realness of the project, being a live brief that can be undertaken with a end product result whilst still being an undergraduate and what It would be like to work with other individuals in the same position as myself but from different disciplines to come together to make a high quality outcome. Also being able to visit the behind the scenes aspect of the Wales Millennium Centre to see what the general public simply doesn’t see was an experience I will not forget any time soon and makes me want to get involved with more and more with companies to be able to expose myself to this way of thinking and doing. My individual strengths have changed after undertaking both these projects by making me believe more in myself that I can achieve great quality outcomes and individual pieces if I allow myself to grow and allow these processes to fall into place. And that my background as a Maker makes me just as qualified and valuable as someone with a more direct graduate level of thinking which was an unexpected bonus end of results which has made me less worried about my future upon graduation.


Defining Practice 500 words of Field Projects

Submitting my 500 word reviews of both my field projects is worrying incase I make a fool of myself or dont correctly explain what I want to get across, With that out of the way I must now write a 500 word account of how the two projects have affected me in preparation for end of year exhibit and third year prep for exhibit and graduation, these are a few things questions I need to take into account whilst writing and submitting the document on moodle

– How have the projects you undertook affected the direction of your studies?

– How could your experience feed into your subject area?

– What are the transferable skills that you have developed through this experience?

– What were the stand out learning experiences for you within the projects that you completed?

– How has your view of your personal strengths changed as a result of these projects?