Making Progress

Like last year we have reached the point where 3rd year makers and students across the courses and disciplines are putting up there end of year exhibitions. This means that there is a lot of stressing and difficulty getting into workshops due to technicians helping with setup, which is a blessing to catch up on other things in books and blog. I feel more confident and despite a few hiccups things will go better this year. For the exhibition I wanted to include as much as I can professionally showing the processes of making the outcomes while following the approach less is more. Also ive been setting up accounts on several social media outlets and following some of my fellow maker friends in preparation for third year and the possibilities that will come.

So far there have been a few problems that have required a bit of thinking he says sarcastically, mainly due to processes that should work not so much playing ball but never the less are actually producing functional outcomes so well worth the worry im currently going through.

So far with just under 5 weeks to go till setup this is my current situation

  • My BAMS medal recast is 50 percent done and will be on a tree and halfway through the layering ceramic shell process by the end of next week and hopefully burnt out and bronzed the following week and that’s all I need to add to the book to complete the project as well as photos of the piece in exhibition.Im also debating doing a new medal next year to enter BAMS that will be as detailed but simpler than this year


  • Faking It is in need of a few modifications and im not sure whether the full set can be featured in the exhibition due to its overpowering size and pain in the backside to move. I am also redoing the characters to put forward for the start of a prop making sculpt portfolio if all goes well. Although I have the suspicion that a mini version will be created for the exhibition which will be an interesting addition to add.


  • Delight in light has been a problem for a while but is getting to a finished idea rather faster than expected, I am having trouble getting the pieces to stick together for the prototype functional model and the design sheets are outstanding but all the work for them has been done and is all that remains to do for the book. Plus im debating altering the outcome and entering the competition for delight in light next year.


  • Make your Mark I am planning to have two sets of outcomes with a connection to nature and objects that will have functional purpose to them and show a potential are I am thinking of going into in third year for graduation. As well as the book ive been looking into website layouts and business cards to put forward this year and retweak ready for next year. And along with this will be evidence of my work displaying over social media to see what the general view and opinion is.


  • Work Experience was an experience I wish I could redo but at the same time I wouldn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wild Creations getting up close to a velociraptor and helping making props and sets for tight deadlines ready to be shipped to their final destinations. I will be going back to Wild Creations at some point in the future and will try to reach out and contact other companies not just in relation to props but other areas of interest to give me a good variety of options to go for after graduating. As well as my book from work experience im hoping to produce an outcome and create this outcome using the process that a professional propmaker would do in the workplace. Whether this is doable i dont really know but time will tell.

Finally im looking into applying for Pewter Live next year and any other competitions that come about and pretty much enjoying the time I have left in Cardiff and my fellow Maker friends, I should be getting the feedback from constellation soon as well, im pretty sure it will be good and bad but providing it doesn’t fail I should be in a good place for writing the dissertation over june to september ready for third year again time will tell and I hope that constellation wont be my downfall this year when it was my crowning achievement last year.


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