The Plan – What I need to get done

With not long left im trying to pull out all the stops to get as much work done as possible all to the same high standard that is expected and I know I can achieve. Last week I spoke to martyn the main technician for Maker about ideas for outcomes involving glass and possibly other materials but mainly glass as the overall material used. Hopefully if setup went to plan I can sit down with Martyn and discuss these ideas and work out the materials I need to order for what I want to achieve, what tests I need to do and where is the best place to order materials and if these materials are compatible. As well as this I spoke to Maff one of the technicians of Soft Modelling thats expertise is in Laser Cutting about my lamp

Of the top of my head this I what I believe I need to do practically

  • Woodturning for Faking IT and delight in light for experimental processes
  • Collecting and ordering materials such as glass, resin and moulding materials
  • Plaster lathe turning for Faking IT and Make Your Mark

This is some of the processes I need to get done this week coming at a push a week tomorrow or im in trouble and I really hope that wont happen this year. Despite the workload and everything else that is coming up or will surprise me im really looking forward to seeing all my work and fellow maker work in exhibition and potential future exhibitors picking you out of the crowd through your work.



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