Faking IT Checklist

After all the frantic rushing to get things done myself and the group got the feedback from Bethan the Subject Leader for the Faking It project for Field

faking it feedbck 1

As shown we managed to achieve a 2:1 equivalent with our skills very nearly hitting a first level which is a level I haven’t been able to get to in the past two years with 4 projects last year and potentially 7 this year but im becoming more consistent with a 2:1 level which is a great achievement regardless. Along with every feedback sheet we were given pointers as to how we can improve given that this is only formative its very unlikely we can be knocked down a grade but there is also the possibility of moving up so fingers crossed I can achieve this. This is the feedback that Bethan gave myself and the group on the project.

faking it part 2 of 2

So points to consider where

  • The lighting of the backdrop
  • The creatures although I have my reasons and have since changed them
  • More experimental process is needed for characters and look in particular
  • The size of the overall display
  • Adding more to the peach such as a stem and its plumpness
  • Improve the impact of the bugs
  • Improve on the overall means of practically experimenting the idea

Despite all this it was a great project and experience that I wish I could do over that makes me want to fight more to work in the industry and the grade at the end of year, plus to have the Marriott setup on cv and the extra of the set being in Cardiff Bay at the Millennium Centre which is the only set that got that coverage to my knowledge was definitely a confidence booster for me given my worries and quality control over the figures as I recreated them along with everything else.


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