Make your Mark Analysis

For Make your Mark ive been looking into the wide market of outcomes and creations on the market throughout events and locations such as Made By Hand and Craft in the Bay to see what is already out there on the market and what can potentially fill the gap in the market with my own work.


At the moment in Maker I try to relate a deep meaning to the outcomes I make that comes across when explaining my ideas to tutors and fellow maker friends. My problem is not with relating the meaning but more of the value I put on my pieces should they potentially go on market either as exhibits in galleries on stalls or my own website which would be a great opportunity should things work out. For Make Your Mark I feel that the importance of what you want and what you will make are on the same level at this point. Based on what ive found researching functional objects are an obvious good starting selling point and finding your right market takes time but if it has a function people will more likely want it for that purpose or several purposes if you design it to be that way.

With a lot of work to do for all the projects I want to have at least two good outcomes for Make Your Mark. One will be a light object and holder for attaching to the wall or a table top lamp and my other outcome will be a series of bowls using several materials and relations to nature in the sense of feel and shape. With this project I hope based on the criteria I need to cover in the brief to have a Website created and a reasonable selling price that isn’t cheap but isn’t to expensive as I like the idea of creating pieces that are affordable, can be made to consistent high quality at a price that is suitable to cover material costs and the amount of time and processes used to make it and potentially make outcomes or mention the process of commissions which makes the outcomes more expensive but more unique as they are more pricy meaning either the client or a few clients will be the only ones that can have them or afford it so the market is open to everyone and different levels of affordability.



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