Make Your Mark Brief Checklist

For the Make Your Mark Brief I am expected to as far as outcomes are concerned

  • A piece that sells my skills and concepts
  • An accompanying book covering everything I have done evidence wise in regards to the project
  • An updated Blog covering all this research and evidence based practice
  • Branding such as a flyer a business card or a web page
  • And a short 250 word paragraph on myself

All of this is achievable however there are quite a few pointers i need to go through before hand being

  1. What can I do,make that shows my skills and relations to future pathways in the maker world
  2. who are my competition, other colleges and universities, individual makers in their right
  3. Where can i get the materials from my outcomes from
  4. where are potential employers situated
  5. What experience will I need such as Work Experience
  6. How will I get my work out there such as galleries, stalls and online presence
  7. How can I copyright and protect my ideas from potential legal problems with other makers
  8. Will I need to gain additional or learn new beneficial skills
  9. Are these both traditional hand making or digital and machinery processes or a combination of two or three.
  10. What further qualification or short courses will I need to consider to create the best chances of a successful career
  11. What form of presentation is most suitable for my work a digital portfolio or a physical one or perhaps both
  12. Templates for my own physical work in the sense of advertising
  13. visiting existing makers and contacts
  14. research into means of funding and bursaries for businesses and such.

This admittedly is a lot of ground to cover in such a short amount of time in consideration of everything else that is going on and I will try my best to hit every target and validate why certain targets are brought into question when the time comes.




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