Change of Plans

Given the shortening deadline and the problems that have been cropping up as they do with the projects and has made me rethink what I want to put in the exhibition for the end of second year Maker.

  • Faking It – For Faking it due to the size of the overall piece Pip has stated that a smaller scale copy of the piece would be more beneficial and along with these im redoing the characters and giving them their own individual stands in the exhibit which will help towards my modeling skills with Maker and Prop making for potential employment. after graduation.
  • Work Experience – For Work experience ive created a book that covers everything I did, saw and helped with whilst on placement as well as how I can while on Maker and with access to specialist equipment I can recreate these processes like a professional would  as well as evidence of contacting existing artists and prop related companies to help with my skills in props and quality control as well as the materials I use on Maker.

Delight in light and BAMS at this moment in time I am confident I can complete all of the goals I have set out to achieve and that were covered in the feedback sheets as areas of improvement.


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