Light Talk with Huw

Given Huws background as a Product Designer I was really grateful and happy to sit down and discuss the lamp project with him as every other tutorial with Pip and Jon and several technicians I was being given ideas of how to push things forward and trial and error which naturally is necessary more and more as I progress higher up the education ladder but despite everything I couldn’t go much further than a prototype in card.

I discussed with Huw that based on previous talks that the best option would be to lasercut all the parts separately so five panels for the shape of the pencil and five for the wooden point part as well as additional pieces for the top of the tip to create the lead part of a ordinary pencil. Huw however pointed out that this would be a health and safety nightmare for the child aimed audience and accuracy would be a massive problem when joining the pieces together to make the top and bottom and then stick it together.

Huw suggested  an alternative option being laser cutting the sheet to the size as one and bending the material to shape for both the top and bottom and connect them together. Thinking now this will help me make progress but will make me wonder how I can get the top and bottom half to glue together, but I will try to get to that stage first.

To finish of I showed the ideas of what would go along the outside of the pencil shape these being the holders of the pencils and the chalkboard suggestion.

Despite this Huw was confident that the idea would work it’s just a case of seeing the right technician with the knowledge of the process to show what I would need to use to get to that stage. Given that I have to order the materials which will take time giving me the chance to catch up on other things in other projects Huw suggested I create a professional 3D model on Solidworks however as I dont know how to use the software I stated I would be more confident with Rhino and speaking to charlie if any problems arose. My worry is that as well as doing all this I need to get a led bulb for the light as part of the project outcome is that the light must be functional. But I wont quit till its done


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