Make Your Mark Artist Research

I’ve always enjoyed the topic of nature mainly I believe due to the familiarity that over the years of studying art progressing further academically has pushed this love of this area. Andy Goldsworthy is one of the artists who when coming towards projects that involve physically making an object or series of objects I turn to due to his use of natural objects that he arranges on location that he documents which is similar to Artist designer Maker in the sense of sourcing ideas, collecting materials, experimenting, prototyping and finally the end result being the made object/s.

Translating this to his practice Andy Goldsworthy uses found objects in most of his non permanent pieces such as leaves, twigs and in some circumstances ice. What I link to my practice on Maker is the idea that nothing is permanent and everything has an element of fragility or danger of damage due to interaction of the user or natural wear and tear and the idea that the majority of his work is photographed then nature takes its course is an idea that I like to link to my own practice.

Working in glass just like working in ceramics the fear of if something is accidentally dropped you may be able to put it back together again but it will have obviously changed and the strength is practically gone. For Make Your Mark I Would like to create for my exhibition piece a series or possibly one outcome with possible ideas of a series of pieces for next year and graduation that highlight my own individual practice using found and collected natural objects from nature in my pieces.

Andy Goldsworthy part 1

Andy Goldsworthy part 2

Andy Goldsworthy part 3


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