Ordering Materials (Delight In Light)

Ive finally reached a stage where im able to order materials for my light for exhibition and assessment. Admittedly im a bit down on the idea as I wanted to make an outcome that looked good and not just a shaped plastic piece.

Despite this the majority of the piece well the entire thing to be honest will be made out of perspex, however I think after the initial worry this may be of great benefit rather than something that should upset me.

The idea and the market 

Straight away after researching through quite a selection of lights and companies and retail chains that sell lights I decided to focus on a child’s lamp as I got the feeling on Maker there would be expectation to use materials to push them forward and manipulate them, but I feel my idea fits that but in my own way of practice and more like a product designer way which wasn’t the intention but seems to have ended up that way.

Admittedly I know that working this way may be a problem but I have used making processes learnt through Maker and Workshop to create the piece such as laser cutting and 3D printing, I do feel that the idea meets the criteria but in a more playful way that is safe for the audience being young children so maybe this is the reason why im slightly on edge on what the end of year feedback will say.


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