Summative Assessment and Exhibition

Next week is the final exhibition and final marking for the third year graduates so officially there is just over three weeks till 2nd year setup which unlike last year we will be put together in the space with first years meaning we have a bigger exhibition of work on display and more individuals work on display.

At the moment things are going as well as can be expected given a few setbacks but everything is pushing forward. We’ve all been given a checklist to follow of what we need to include in exhibition as follow:-

  • My medal for Bams
  • Delight in light outcome
  • Evidence of both of the field options in my case Work Experience and Faking IT
  • A short descriptor piece with every project to explain what has been done and any changes made that may affect the grade given for formative assessment.

Despite a few panic attacks im confident that the work will be to the best of my ability given the circumstances and the amount of time ive had with each project.As well as this I must present a five minute presentation about the work on display, what I feel about the work and where I see myself going in third year knowing me actually making it tht far



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