Make Your Mark (Gallery visits)

With the setup for Maker second year in three weeks after seeing a post from a friend on Facebook about a local gallery opening in Penarth to fill criteria of research for Make Your Mark I decided to visit


The gallery Glass By Design is a recently opened gallery and is located not far from the Penarth Rail line in central town. The gallery displays work from a whole range of materials from metal to ceramic to glass most of which as a maker I have access to a certain extent on Maker. As well as this I recognised and bumped into a fellow now graduate maker friend Alex that since graduation and now a member of inc space in Cardiff Met has been making cutlery animals and has already done quite well for herself selling quite a few at the graduation show and more steadily since.


I was really taken back by the high quality of the work and discussed with Angelia and Cathy the glass artists that run the gallery and showcase some of there work in the displays my practice and my shared interest with them for glass and other materials. I decided to invite them due to the shared interests to the second year exhibition at the end of May and Beginning of june as galleries are always on the lookout for new Makers, New ideas and ways of thinking and if you can help them while helping yourself as much why not take the risk better that than never knowing. And if I can learn how to sell myself whilst still in uni ill be more confident I can do it after I graduate.




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