Breakdown of projects

From Monday in order to keep on track with the workload every Monday and Friday I will post the progress of each project and what I need to do to achieve this by the following week and the deadline and at this stage this is the progress :-

  • Work Experience – For Work Experience I didn’t have a sketchbook but rather a powerpoint with all the images of props and other items on location. For the exhibition im hoping to have a mounted board on display showing these images and what I learnt on Placement and how these processes relate to those used on Maker and other companies I have contacted for placements and visits other the summer to build up contacts and experience prior to graduation.


  • Faking It – For Faking It I will be including a miniature version of the full scale set used in the exhibit along with images of the set on location whilst adding the figures used on the set onto stands for display.


  • Bams – For the medal project I hope to have two bronze medals of the redo mould I have done this term along with a wax cast to show the beginning and end process that will go alongside the medal used in the undergraduate exhibit in Craft in the Bay in April.


  • Delight in Light – For delight in light I will have the finished working prototype of the lamp as well as design sheets accompanying to show how the piece was made.


  • Make Your Mark – For Make Your Mark I will have the completed outcome or series of outcomes and experiments from the process as well as the evidence of advertisement for my work and how this will develop through third year and beyond.

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