Dissertation Prep Meeting

Last week whilst working on my medal my friend received an email regarding the constellation dissertation prep form. last month in preparation for February of next year I will be handing in my dissertation final piece and keeping fingers crossed that it’s as good as I know I can Achieve. I’ve decided to focus on phenomenology and glass and how compared to other materials and theories of making there is uncertainty to the material.

Even typing this ive not entirely figured out the end all result of this essay or what the outcome/artefact that will go along with it will be like but I have a few means of getting to this stage that I will bring up when the time comes.

Despite this im hopeful that despite a few problems that will occur there is enough to pass the 40% mark needed and enough to progress to discussing with Martyn how to structure the essay. I’m more confident to be doing the 6,000 word essay and artefact than the full 8,000 – 10,000 word piece as I feel that the Making/Writing option better suits as last year showed that my making abilities fell behind my writing abilities and I have a feeling this year will be the opposite.

Due to being unable to access certain books and speaking to certain individuals around the uni I was unable to put everything in and the confidence will be obviously shown lacking in the form but I will be adding in the bits that I now have to the discussion that will hopefully neutralise these concerns should they come up.



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