Make Your Mark (Experimental Practice)

For Make Your Mark as my outcome or possibly one of a series of outcomes ive decided to make a bowl and holder that takes influence from the shape, colour and look of nature collected on location when doing my research practice for the project. So far ive been able to get plenty of photos of leaves,bark,shapes of nature and from this ive come up with ideas that if in a series can create items that share the same theme but have individual qualities to the others and vise versa, I say this because if its a problem making one a certain way but becomes achievable how likely is it I can do it again but it can add a sense of greater value to the piece that makes it appealing rather than the idea of oh look that’s good but there’s loads of them.


For the holder of the piece I had the idea of doing a pine cone shape that I would make in clay and potentially mould and create as a final result in pewter or as a tester in resin maybe even both. The idea of shape is really interesting as I can imagine even with the struggles I have with sculpting I can create a series of these pieces all individual so a sense of choice to the buyer’s way of thinking can be an option. As for the glass bowl piece I have the idea of collecting leaves from the environment and documenting them as shown  20160507_104242[1]

Whilst in Penarth I stumbled across a greater variety of leaves in the sense of shape,texture,size, colour and quality in the sense of damaged, rotting and dying. For the obvious reasons if I am intending to use these leaves as means of imprinting the details onto flat pieces of clay to get the shape and texture of the leaf there is a limited time window so I would have to find a means of preserving them for a long period of time to get the benefits of their use which resulted in me laminating a few examples for  my sketchbook and evidence of research when coming to assessment. Hopefully next Monday ill be able to show these moulds and ideas to Martyn the main technician of Maker and see whether they are good enough to test out following this the moulds will be bisque fired in preparation for glass sheet pieces to be slumped to the imprint shape


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