Make Your Mark (working experiments)

Following on from collecting my leaf materials yesterday I began to roll out clay sheets and with a rolling-pin delicately roll the print of the leaf into the clay face on both sides to see the results given.

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I am really happy with the results with there being very little breakage when removing the leafs from the clay, I can make out the shape and the details of the leafs in the clay but once the clay is dried out more and fired in the kiln at uni the full detail will be best noticeable. The next stage will be seeing Martyn to see whether the prints are good enough and worth the time of drying out, slumping and firing given the time we have left. Another alternative I will mention tomorrow is scanning the leaves into illustrator if possible laser cutting the shapes and the details rolling these into the clay and firing these. Regardless at this stage I will aim to have an example of both in the exhibition and the final piece. I’m really enjoying this idea and I am looking forward to where this can evolve to.


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