Make Your Mark (Frit glass)

Now with a working idea of the piece I want to make I began researching glass material companies to see what is out there and the price range I would need to pay and way up if it is worth buying for what I need which fills parts of the criteria of the Make Your Mark brief. One of the companies that was recommended was Creative Glass UK

From there based on Martin’s advice I ordered a selection of Bullseye glass frit of around 100 grams at around 2.49 – 2.57 each not bad considering the costs of 450 grams of frit is around 8.99 to just under 10 each. Whilst im waiting to order the materials and have them delivered I will make the slip cast shapes of the bowls for the final vessel pieces and make sure the clay imprints are air-dried and placed in the kiln to be fired whenever this may be.



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